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CWU - Des Moines
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COVID-19 Updates

All Central Washington University students, faculty, staff, and visiting guests will be required to follow vaccination and masking guidelines. For more information and complete details, please visit CWUTogether.

Staff and Faculty at CWU-Des Moines

CWU-Des Moines Staff

Mishel Kuch Regional Director 509-963-3866
Amy Meyers Assistant Director School of Education / Premajor Advising 206-439-3800 x3840

Angela Murry-Walker

Computer Science Academic Advisor

206-439-3800 x3808

Asraa Jaber

Associate Director Westside Student Life, Student Development Westside

Cheryl Reid Financial Aid Counselor


Christine Bertie

Library Services

206-439-3800 x3849

Elizabeth (Liz) Inman

Senior Secretary

206-439-3800 x3806

Janet Campbell Center Operations Specialist 206-439-3800 x3807
Dan Smelser Multimedia and Instructional Support 206-439-3800 x3855

Jonathan Harden

Distance Education ITV Coordinator

206-439-3800 x3834

Kimberly Valenti International Recruiter 206-439-3800 x3868
Brittany Sefton College of Business Academic Advisor 509-963-2930
TBD International/Immigration Advisor 206-439-3800 x3837
Steve Laing Assistant Director of Career Services 206-439-3800 x3841
Rachel White ITAM Outreach and Recruiting Specialist 206-439-3800

CWU-Des Moines Faculty

Carlo Smith

Finance and Supply Chain Management

206-439-3800 x3854

Cathy Anderson


206-439-3800 x3861

Chris Black Mathematics 206-439-3800 x3850
Claudia Dumitrescu Assistant Professor Business 206.439.3800 x3832

Cynthia Engel

Interdisciplinary Studies - Social Sciences

206-439-3800 x3813

Dan Smelser Multimedia and Instructional Support 206-439-3800 x3855
Darin Knapp STEM Math and Science 206-439-3800 x3825

Eric Hougan

Educational Foundations and Curriculum

206-439-3800 x3830

Fabio Ambrosio Accounting 206-439-3800 x3833

Grace Ke

Finance and Supply Chain Management

206-439-3800 x3845

Henry Williams

Education, Advanced Programs


Jim Thompson


206-439-3800 x3839

Khodadad (Khodi) Kaviani

Early Childhood/Elem Education

206-439-3800 x3844

Kurt Ikemeier Law and Justice 206-439-3800

Robert Moore

Law and Justice

206-439-3800 x3825

Kun Liao

Finance and Supply Chain Management

425-640-1574 x3891

Se Eun Lee Events and Tourism Management 206-439-1169 x3821
Tim Hargrave Management 206-439-3800 x3871

Dawn Harry

Director of Teacher Academies, Field Experience, and Student Teaching


Vanessa Hunt

Science Education

206-439-3800 x3822

Wendy Cook


206-439-3800 x3852