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BA Psychology

The psychology major is intended for students who want a liberal arts background in behavioral science or who intend to pursue graduate study in psychology. Students can develop an understanding of the perspectives, content, and methods of the science and practice of psychology and prepare for graduate study An undergraduate student at CWU has two options for completing a major in psychology A psychology advisor can discuss your academic and career goals and help you choose the appropriate major.

There are two options for completing a major in psychology.

  • The 45-credit major requires a student also complete a minor or a second major in some other subject. The 45- credit major is intended for students interested in combining a background in psychology with work in fields such as social work, family studies, business, forensics, primate behavior, and other fields for which training in behavioral science would be useful.
  • The 60-credit major leads to a bachelor's degree without a minor or second major. It is recommended for students interested in pursuing graduate studies in Psychology.

The two majors are very similar. The 60-credit major includes PSY363: Intermediate Statistics and Research Methods as well as elective credits. A psychology advisor can discuss your academic and career goals and help you choose  the appropriate major.

Admissions Requirements

Prior to gaining entrance to the Psychology major, one must earn a C or higher in Psychology 101.  The student must also have earned a 2.25 or higher cumulative GPA. Additionally, a math course in finite mathematics, statistics, or pre-calculus as well as an introduction to Biology or Anatomy class are highly recommended elements of a general education program likely to support the student's success in the major.


  1. Meet CWU’s general education requirements through a community college direct transfer agreement
    (DTA), bachelor’s degree, or equivalent from any state accredited college or university. Students who have not completed a two-year transfer degree (but intend to) must complete the requirements for the degree within one calendar year or within 45 credits after admissions to the Psychology program.
  2. Apply for admission to Central Washington University online at
  3. Submit official electronic or hard copy transcripts from any colleges or universities you have attended to Admissions in Ellensburg and a provide the Des Moines Center with a student copy for advising purposes.


For complete program curriculum, visit CWU's online catalog at

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