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   Academic Emphasis

Course NumberDescriptionCredit
PED 161Cultural History of Dance4
PED 211Music for Dance-Rhythms & Resources2
PED 301Choreography3
PED 302Dance Production3
PED 309Teaching Methods: Recreational Dance3
PED 314Dance for Children3
PED 315Teaching Methods: Modern Dance and Ballet3


Technique & Concept Emphasis

Course NumberDescriptionCredit
PED 101Modern Dance I2
PED 102Modern Dance II2
PED 103Modern Dance III2
PED 104Ballet I (fall)2
PED 105Ballet I (winter)2
PED 106Ballet I (spring)2
PED 204Ballet II (fall)2
PED 205Ballet II (winter)2
PED 206Ballet II (spring)2

Activity Courses

Course NumberDescriptionCredit
PED 141Jazz Dance I1
PED 142Jazz Dance II1
PED 143Jazz Dance III1
PED 121Tap Dance1
PED 122Tap Dance II1
PED 138Swing Dance I1
PED 139Swing Dance II1
PED 116Beginning Folk Dance1
PED 135 Ballroom Dance I1
PED 136 Ballroom Dance II1
PED 137Ballroom Dance III1


Activity Courses (Acceptance into theses classes by audition)

Course NumberDescriptionCredit
PED 112Dance Rehearsal & Performance1
PED 212Choreography and Production2


Dance Minor (Total 32 Credits) 
    Requirement: Minimum of one year membership in the Orchesis Dance Company.

Dance Minor with Teaching Endorsement (Total 38 Credits)
    Requirement: Minimum of one year membership in the Orchesis Dance Company.       

 Dance Performance Minor (Total 37 Credits)
Minimum of one year membership in the Orchesis Dance Company                                             


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