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Central Washington University

CWU Trustees Lower Student Fees, Adopt Title IX Rules, Okay University House Maintenance

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Central Washington University students will see a reduction in their fall quarter fees. In a special meeting today, the CWU Board of Trustees (BOT) unanimously approved to eliminate the $40-per-course “Online Course Fee,” and to temporarily reduce the Technology Fee to $10 per quarter. CWU Logo

“We must focus on fees that are necessary to support the mission of the university and to reduce, as far as possible for each student, the cost of attendance,” explained Board Chair Ron Erickson, who pointed out that without the change, a fulltime student could pay $120 to take three courses online. 

In place of the old fee, the motion established a “Multimodal Fee” of $25-per-quarter that students will pay beginning next month. The new fee will support the increased demand for online classes and labs, and online curriculum development. The fee also pays for the licensing for “Canvas,” the software CWU uses to manage online instruction. 

“It speaks to us getting back to core principles as a university and being equitable for everyone,” said Student Trustee Nathaniel McMillion. “By removing that ($40 online charge) and just charging the technology fee for the quarter, our students come way out ahead and I’m proud that our board decided to take this action.” 

Trustees also unanimously authorized university staff to begin work immediately on ordinary maintenance to the residential portion of the University House and Event Center. The maintenance will include painting, carpeting, patching holes, and fixing trip hazards. The work, not to exceed $100,000, will be funded out of the Trustees’ Reserve Fund. “This work is no more than any responsible landlord would do in preparation for a new tenant,” said Erickson.

The board has undertaken a search for a new president to succeed James L. Gaudino, who will step down on July 31, 2021.  Erickson said the refresh of the residence should be complete in time for candidates to see it as part of their interview process. 

The trustees also adopted new US Department of Education regulations governing campus sexual assault under Title IX. The new rules establish due process rights for students who report sexual misconduct and for those accused of it and define—in detail—the scope of universities’ responsibility to respond to complaints of sexual misconduct. 

Gaudino pointed out, “This will take a lot of internal work. We will have to redo both our HR (human resources) system processes along with our student conduct codes as they relate to the new rules.” 

CWU, and colleges and universities across the country, were required to adopt the new regulations by August 14.

Media contact:  Linda Schactler, chief of staff and secretary to the board, 509-963-1384,

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