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Central Washington University

CWU students may help solve mystery of unmarked graves in Roslyn

"Last Friday, on a crisp fall morning, a van bearing a dozen CWU anthropology students and CWU anthropology professor Steve Hackenberger, Ph.D, pulled up below the hillside where the Slovak Cemetery sits, removed an assortment of GPR equipment and moved up the dew-dampened grass to the site of the Magda family marker.

Under Hackenberger’s supervision, the students used tape measures to mark a grid, then prepared to radar image the area adjacent to the Magda marker. Hackeberger said he will take the images collected, enter them into a computer and employ recently obtained software to see what the radar imaging revealed. Last week’s visit to the cemetery was a preliminary run-through, said Hackenberger, who plans to return with the students in November along with Matt Benson, a geophysicist from Northwest Geophysics who is helping with the project. Hackenberger calls Benson “an expert” in using GPR to find graves."

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