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What is Washington State Standard 5?

Washington State Standard 5 - Knoweldge and Skills was developed the Professional Educators Advisory Board, using the ISLLC standards developed by the Council of Chief State School Officers in collaboration with the National Policy Board on Educational Administration to help strengthen preparation programs in school leadership. 

There are six parts of Washington State Standard 5 - Knowledge and Skills. 
Chose the standard below for a complete description and list of functions:

Standard 5.1Standard 5.4
Standard 5.2Standard 5.5
Standard 5.3Standard 5.6
StandardsWhat Standards Can Influence and Drive within the SystemFocusOutcome
Washington State Standard 5 - Knowledge and Skills: effective November 1, 2013 

Provides a framework for policy creation, training program performance, life-long career development, and system support.
Training programs with established performance expectations

Aid in curriculum development, candidate assessment and accountability, with established performance expectations and appropriate program accreditation
High-quality accredited preparation programs with explicit performance expectationsEffective instructional leadership that positively impacts student achievement
Licensing and induction

Assessing new leader professional knowledge
Ensure that new leaders can demonstrate adequate professional knowledge
Evaluating performance

Formal evaluation of leader performance
High-quality annual evaluation of leader performance with improvement planning provided
Supporting ongoing training and professional development throughout the career continuum

Use descriptions of practice (behaviors and actions) to develop annual career goals for leader development at different career stages from aspiring to retiring
Continuous professional improvement through quality career planning and development
Improving working conditions

Aligning roles, authority, accountability, and incentives to support leader performance
System-wide changes to help leaders accomplish their goals

For more information please visit the Professional Educator Standards Board website on Standard 5

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