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Program Handbook
Registering for Classes
Ordering Textbooks
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Completing a Course of Study
Completing the Internship or Capstone Project 
Completing the Masters Degree
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MEd Higher Education Homepage 

Program Handbook

It is student responsibility to read and understand the program handbook. The handbook provides and overview of the program faculty and staff, coursework requirements, and internship/capstone project information. 

Click here to access the M.Ed. in Higher Education Handbook 

Registering for Classes

Each quarter, you will self-enroll into classes through MyCWU.

To browse available courses, login to MyCWU and navigate to the Academic Toolbox section. In this section, select Class Search. Once in the Class Search section: 1) change the drop down menus so that the Term box lists the term you are searching for, 2) change the Course Subject to the correct subject (i.e. Education: Administration to search for the core classes), 3) change the Course Career to Graduate, 4) select Search and see the available courses. 

To enroll into courses, login to MyCWU and navigate to the Academic Toolbox section. In this section, select My Enrollment. Once in the My Enrollment section: 1) select the "add" tab, 2) search for the classes you would like to add, 3) select each class you would like to enroll in to register. 

For more assistance on how to self-enroll into classes, please feel free to watch the Enrollment Tutorial. For additional assistance with enrolling for classes, please contact the Department Secretary at 509-963-1448.

Ordering Textbooks

Each course will have one or more required texts. The texts can be purchases or rented through CWU's Wildcat Shop or through other textbook sites/stores. 

To find out what text(s) are required for your courses follow these steps: 1) visit the CWU Wildcat Shop,  2) scroll to the bottom of the page and select Click Here to Find Your Course Textbooks, 3) select the term,  4) scroll to find the Course Subject that matches the course you are enrolled in,  5) select the course you are enrolled in and click Find Books to view the required textbooks. 

Online Coursework

Each course is offered fully online and features a blend of lectures, readings, assignment submissions, and collaborative sessions. Some courses will include synchronous meeting times (example: 'meeting' online at 6:00pm every Wednesday). For information about specific online meeting times per course, please contact the Department Secretary at 509-963-1448.

If you have not done so already, please take a moment to take the online readiness survey Is Online Learning Right For Me? The drop down information in this survey will provide you with an overview of what online coursework entails. 

Completing a Course of Study

A Course of Study lists the courses you will take toward your master's degree. You are required to submit a Course of Study before you have accumulated 25 credits towards your degree.

To complete your Course of Study, use the Course Schedule on the Curriculum page as a reference and fill in the term and year that you plan to take each required course and the elective courses. Click here for a blank Course of Study. Please keep in mind that if you intend to receive Financial Aid you must be enrolled in at least 5 graduate level credits per quarter. 

Completing the Internship or Capstone Project

For the culminating experience in the M.Ed. Higher Education Program, you will choose to complete either an internship or a capstone project. The internship/capstone project is titled EDAD 596 and is 5 credits. You may complete your internship or project in one quarter or you may split it between two consecutive quarters. Please see the Program Handbook for more information on each choice. 

If you choose to complete an internship, you will be required to submit a Supervisor Verification Form and the Professional Development Plan

If you choose to complete the capstone project, you will be required to submit a HSRC form if your project uses human subjects. 

When you register to begin the internship/capstone project you will be given a Graduate Committee consisting of a Chair and two Committee Members. 

For more information regarding the internship or capstone project, please contact the Department Secretary at 509-963-1448. 

Completing the Masters Degree

The final requirement of the program is to complete the 1 credit examination or option. The examination is to be taken the quarter that you will graduate.

To take the examination, you must contact your Graduate Committee Chair. You will need to schedule a day to take the examination, as well as a time to defend your examination answers (typically two weeks after the exam date).

During this process there are several graduation deadlines that you must be aware of and meet to have your degree conferred. To view the list of dates and deadlines, please visit the Office of Graduate Studies and Research. For assistance with any of this information, please feel free to contact Dawn Anderson, Program Coordinator for Graduate Students, at 509-9693-3108.

Student Resources

General Questions and Enrollment Questions -
Department Secretary,

Debbie Strand


Academic Advising/Approval of Electives - 
Dr. Don Wattam, Program Director,, 509-963-3075

Graduate Program/Completing Degree Questions - 
Dawn Anderson, Program Coordinator in Graduate Studies,, 509-963-3108

General Technical Support -
ITS Help Desk,, 509-963-2001
CWU Online Learning, 509-963-1689 

Funding Support -
Financial Aid, Loan Disbursement,, 509-963-1611
Student Accounts, Make Payments,, 509-963-3546

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