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Library Media - Online

Program Overview
Admission Procedures
Faculty and Staff
Tuition and Fees

Program Overview

The program is offered completely online. The program can be completed in four quarters, two summers or a combination of the two. Please see the outline of courses below, the LME Brochure and FAQs for additional information about the program: 

LME Program Brochure

Admission Procedures

Note - Official transcripts are not needed for the LME program unless you are seeking to substitute hours.  For more information about substitutions, contact 509-963-1448

Step 1: Complete the Reservation Form. This form provides us with more information about you; upon completion of the form you will receive an email containing additional information about the program. If you do not have questions and are ready to begin the program, you do not need to complete the reservation form and may proceed directly to Step 2.

Step 2: Complete the Endorsement-Only Program application. This application activates you as a student who is pursuing an added endorsement to your teaching certificate. There is a $40 fee paid to the "CWU Certification Office".

In addition, to enroll in courses you will need to either formally apply for admission to CWU ( or complete the Non-Matriculated Registration Form. The Non-Matriculated Registration form will not allow you to receive any type of financial aid.


Course Offerings


Winter Spring     Summer
(every year)       

(odd years only)

(even years only)

EDLM 410/510 Introduction to Library Media Issues X                   X         
EDLM 416/516 Application of Technology Resources X         X
EDLM 426/526 Instructional Methods for Library Media     X   X  
EDLM 436/536 Survey of Children's and Young Ad. Lit.                                                   X                                                            
EDLM 448/548 Collection Development/Library Media   X                X  
EDLM 458/558 Cataloging and Classification   X       X
EDLM 468/568 Research and Information Fluency     X     X
EDLM 478/578 Administration of Library Media Program       X    

note: please see the LME Online Brochure for course descriptions. Course offerings are subject to change. 

You may enroll into the 2-credit practicum, EDLM 492/592, once you have successfully completed two courses in the program. The practicum is typically completed over two academic quarters and is only offered during fall and winter quarters.

Faculty and Staff

Leona Lindvig, MLIS
Library Media Specialist, Practicum Supervisor, Instructor

Kathryn Egawa, PhD
Instructor, Summer Session

Kay Jorgenson
Instructor, Online

Trish Henry
Instructor, Summer Session

Department Administrative Assistant
Debbie Strand


The 2-credit practicum course (EDLM 492/EDLM 592) is offered during fall and winter quarters each year.

Click here for more information about the practicum.
Click here to read answers to frequently asked questions.

Tuition and Fees

For information about tuition and fees, please see the Registrars webpage or contact them at 509-963-3001.


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