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Curriculum, Supervision, & Educational Leadership

College of Education and Professional Studies

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I find my textbooks?
  2. What is Washington State Standard 5 - Knowledge and Skills?
  3. How much is tuition?
  4. How do I enroll in my classes?
  5. What is MyCWU?
  6. I don't read my CWU email very often
  7. How big are the Education Administration classes?
  8. What are online classes like? 
  1. How do I find my textbooks? - Follow the steps on this page for easy directions to locate which textbooks will be used in your EDAD classes. 
  2. What is Washington State Standard 5 - Knowledge and Skills? - Washington State Standard 5 is a set of standards developed by the Professional Educator Standards Board, based on the ISLLC standards, to help strengthen preparation programs in school leadership. Go to this page to learn more about Washington State Standard 5 and what the six components (5.1-5.6) are. 
  3. How much is tuition? - Tuition is set each spring for the next academic year. To find out morem please visit the Registrar's Office website
  4. How do I enroll in my classes? - To enroll in any EDAD class please contact the department secretary by phone at (509) 963-1448. 
  5. What is MyCWU?- MyCWU is Central's student information system. Through this system you will be able to search for classes, view your account, view your grades, update your personal information, check your student email and more. For more information and a video tutorial MyCWU click here.
  6. CWU Email - I occasionally hear from students that they forget or don't check their CWU email very often. My suggestion in this situation is to forward your CWU email to a personal account that you do read so that you don't miss anything important. 
  7. How big are the Education Administration classes? - CWU's Education Administration courses are intenitionally small. Each professor foster's the candidates, providing oportunity for lectures, group discussions, and individual feedback.

What are online classes like? - For information about online classes, please visit the CWU Online Learning website. The website has information for future and current online students, including information about Blackboard, LiveText, Canvas and more. You may also contact the ITS Help Desk for support at 509-963-2001 or

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