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Curriculum, Supervision, & Educational Leadership

College of Education and Professional Studies

About the Curriculum and Instruction MEd Program

The Curriculum and Instruction, M.Ed., is a graduate program for classroom teachers intending to advance their careers or assume positions of leadership within their schools.  The program allows current teachers to focus on an area of emphasis in the P-12 classroom setting.  Note that this program does not lead to teacher certification. Key components of the program are student choice, allowing you to design your own program, and flexibility.


Students complete at least 48 credits as outlined in an approved "Course of Study" filed with the School of Graduate Studies and Research.  All of the classes in the Curriculum, Supervision, and Education Leadership Department are taught online.  The development of a "Course of Study" must be appropriate to the professional goals and purposes of each individual student.

CWU Master Teacher Advantage

Student choice. A key component of this Curriculum and Instruction program is student choice, allowing you to design your own program. You select 29 of the required 48 credits to meet your personal career goals.

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Flexibility.  All Curriculum, Supervision & Education Leadership courses are online (at least 19 credits).  Also, the Curriculum and Instruction Program may be completed in as little as 1.5 years including two summer quarters.





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