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Share Savings and Certificate of Deposit Rates

CWU Federal Credit Union is pleased to offer Certificates of Deposit for our members

Rates listed below have been effective since 02/12/2014

Share Savings:
Dividend annual percentage rate: 0.110%
Minimum to open account is $5.00
Rates are subject to change
CWU Federal Credit Union uses the Step Dividend method to calculate dividends. The method calculates the dividend using the day in day out method, i.e. the dividend is calculated for each day’s ending balance in the period specified. Dividends are posted monthly. Prior notice of at least one business day must be given for withdrawals greater than $10,000.

Certificate of Deposit Dividend Annual Percentage Rates:

  • 6 Month   (182 days) Fixed Dividend *APR of 0.260    0.260 **APY
  • 12 Month (365 days) Fixed Dividend *APR of 0.310    0.310 **APY
  • 24 Month (730 days) Fixed Dividend *APR of 0.509    0.510 **APY

*APR = Annual Percentage Rate; **APY = Annual Percentage Yield

Certificate of Deposit Dividends:
The dividends accrue daily, post at the end of the month, and are available at maturity.
Rates are subject to change.
Minimum amount to open: $1,000.00.
Maximum total of CDs per member: $50,000.00.
The current terms and rates listed below are available to members in good standing.

Early Withdrawal:
CDs that are liquidated prior to maturity will be charged a penalty. The penalty for early withdrawal follows:

  • For 6 month CDs the penalty is 3 months interest
  • For 12 month CDs the penalty is 3 months interest
  • For 24 month CDs the penalty is 6 months interest

We highly discourage early liquidation; the penalty could leave you with less than your initial investment.

You will be notified approximately 30 days prior to maturity. At that time you may designate how your funds are to be handled at maturity; withdraw the funds, transfer them into your shares account, or reinvest them into a new certificate.

Please notify us prior to the maturity date of your choice.
If we do not hear from you within a 10 day grace period after the maturity date, your funds will be rolled into a new certificate at the current rate at the time of maturity. Penalties will apply for early withdrawal.