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Craft Brewing

College of the Sciences

Where are they now?

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Currently, we have over 50 alumni graduates working in various aspects of the Craft Brewing industry from production brewing, marketing, analytical labs, to brewer/owners.

Some recognizable breweries where students have worked or currently work include the following:

  •     Iron Horse Brewery
  •     Bale Breaker Brewing Company
  •     Yakima Craft Brewing
  •     Wander Brewing
  •     Odin Brewing
  •     Kulshan Brewing
  •     Colockum Craft Brewing
  •     HAAS Hop Research and Innovations Center
  •     Big Sky Brewing
  •     Hale’s Ale Brewery
  •     Rogue Brewing
  •     Laurelwood Brewing
  •     Maritime Pacific Brewing
  •     Airways Brewery
  •     NoLi  Brewhouse
  •     Yakima Valley Hops
  •     Brewers Union Local 180
  •     Dru Bru
  •     E9 Brewery
  •     Fiction Brewing Company
  •     Orlison Brewing Company
  •     Uinta Brewing Co.
  •     Ram Pubs & Brewery

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