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Craft Brewing

College of the Sciences

Certificate Overview

The Craft Brewing Certificate is a 16-credit interdisciplinary program offered by Continuing Education, in partnership with the College of the Sciences and is designed to be completed in one academic year sequence (3 quarters, or 30 weeks). The certificate program will provide you with an overview of the biochemistry, microbiology, technology, and business of craft brewing. Courses are challenging and interactive, and include laboratory work, hands-on brewing, field trips, tastings, and industry speakers. We brew on a small-scale, pilot system that many breweries use when developing and testing new recipes. The program is offered exclusively at CWU’s main campus in Ellensburg, Washington.



The certificate is composed of four classes, spanning 30 weeks. Classes are held in the evening and meet one to two times per week. Students should plan on starting in the fall and expect to complete the program in the spring; exceptions may be made based on the applicant’s skills and knowledge level. In order to receive the certificate, students must earn a grade of 'C' or above in each of the four courses. All classes are face-to-face and held on the Ellensburg Campus.

Craft Brewing Certificate Cohort Schedule
Quarter Subject & Course Number Credits  Class Name
Fall CRBW 317 4 Principles and Biochemistry of Brewing:
Raw materials, enzymes, proteins, wort production, hop analysis, & sensory evaluation.
Winter RMT 320 5 Topics in Strategy for the Craft Brewing Industry:
Selling process, operations management, distribution process, behavioral concepts, & creating a business plan.
Spring CRBW 360 3 Brew Process Technology:
Understanding the brew house, efficiency, heating & cooling, wort transfer, cleaning, & packaging techniques.
Spring CRBW 312 4 Brewing Microbiology:
Microbiological techniques, yeast biology, wild yeasts, yeast production, microorganisms in the brewery, & sanitation.

Please note: Curriculum for the 2020-21 school year is being updated. Pending approval, course credits may increase and structure of the program's delivery may change. This may also affect the overall cost of the certificate program. For questions, please email



The following requirements must be met to be accepted:

  •     Be 21 years of age or older.
  •     A minimum overall college GPA of 2.5.
  •     Completed one of the following: College level chemistry (Chemistry 101, Chemistry 111, or Chemistry 181) or equivalent.
  •     Completed college level pre-calculus (Math 153) or equivalent.

Work experience may substitute for the above academic prerequisites and is subject to evaluation by the advisor. For a worksheet to help determine your eligibility for the Craft Brewing Certificate program, please click the link below:

>> Craft Brewing Certificate Eligibility Worksheet <<


Program Cost:

The current tuition for the Craft Brewing Certificate program is $393.97 per credit. University mandatory fees will be incurred for this program and can be found on the Registrar's Website. Tuition is billed each quarter as follows to your CWU Student Account: 4 credits in fall, 5 credits in winter, 7 credits in spring.

Total Tuition and Mandatory Fees for the Program can be found here:

>> 2018-19 Craft Brewing Certificate Tuition & Mandatory Fee Breakdown <<


Admittance Process & Application

Open to the public, students may participate in the certificate program as a non-matriculated or matriculated student:

  • Non-matriculated students are students who are not seeking a CWU degree nor seeking financial aid. Non-matriculated students do not need to go through the regular CWU admissions process but simply apply to the certificate program through the application process described below.
  • Matriculated students are those who have applied to the University, been accepted, and will either be registering for non-Craft Brewing Certificate courses, seeking a CWU degree and/or financial aid.

Application Deadline:

The deadline to apply and begin each fall quarter is September 1st. Students will be notified of admission to the program via email.  Enrollment is limited and accepted on a first come, first serve basis. Early applications are suggested.

All those offered admission to the certificate program must inform CWU Craft Brewing of their decision to accept or decline admission before being fully admitted to the program by completing form located at If no response is received, your spot in the Certificate Program will be forfeited.  Once the student has accepted their offer, they will be automatically enrolled in all certificate courses by the office of Continuing Education.

Withdrawals: Student’s tuition and fees will not be removed due to non-attendance. Official withdrawal procedures must be followed and are located at

>> To begin your application, click here. <<


CWU Craft Brewing
400 E University Way
Ellensburg, WA 98926-7433
Ph: 509-963-1386


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