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CPORT can help you stay on top of student retention by utilizing our system to track events and behaviors that might lead to separation from CWU.  In addition, we will help you manage student communications from enrollment through alumni status by building a seamless constituent relationship.

Every night, data is downloaded into our system from PeopleSoft, enabling us to track the most updated student, course, faculty and advising information available. Then using our filtering capabilities, we can track triggers and alerts, and send directive communications to students, advisors or faculty. The following are just a few examples of how you can use CPORT triggers and alerts processes to increase your retention:

Continuing students who do not register during their appointment - Contacted first through e-mail and then through phone campaign to encourage them to register, or help them register.

Major to undeclared - A "watched attribute" that triggers an email from Advising and Career Services.

At risk freshmen - See your advisor, make a plan, talk to your professor, go to class campaigns, academic workshops, new student resources and testimonials.

Pre- and intended major students - Departmental and club meetings, and major admissions requirements.

Faculty - Strategies for communicating early warning and no-shows

Advisee lists - Required advising appointments, group meetings, university events, and academic issues.

Declared majors - Required advising meetings, club information, and other departmental information.

Financial - Holds and other financial information and advice