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CPORT Audience

Anyone has the potential to be the audience for CPORT, however, it is designed to quickly and efficiently reach YOUR target audience by using our intricate filtering system.

Some of the ways Departments and Programs are currently using CPORT to communicate with their target audience:

  • At risk students- Timeline or event triggered message to students: See your advisor, make a plan, talk to your professor, go to class, academic workshops, new student resources and testimonials.
  • Pre- and intended major students - Departmental and club meeting messages, and major admissions requirements based on student performance.
  • Continuing students who do not pre-register - Campaign that begins with reminder about their appointment time, reminder to register which educate about reasons to register on time including but not limited to better selection of classes, better work flexibility, and qualifications for financial aid.
  • Major to undeclared - A "watched attribute" triggers an email from Academic Advising to come and see them asap.
  • Advisee lists - Required advising appointments, group meetings, university events, and academic issues.
  • Declared majors - Required advising meetings, club information, and other departmental information.
  • Financial or Academic holds - How to have your hold removed and and other financial information and advice

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