CPORT Alerts

You can use CPORT to track, then communicate with students who are exhibiting signs that they are struggling, or have not progressed in a manner that insures retention and/or graduation.  Some of the many ways we can keep on track of your students' progress is to track one more of the following alerts:

  • Repeats any course two or more times (excludes repeatable classes).
  • Registered for more than 18 credit hours.
  • Drops below full-time.
  • Fails or does poorly in prerequisite major course(s).
  • Withdraws from required course(s).
  • Registered for last quarter but enrollment date has past and student has not yet registered for next quarter.
  • Academic Warning, Academic Probation, Academic Continued Probation, Academic Suspension, Continued Academic Suspension, Academic Dismissal, Continued Academic Dismissal.
  • Major not declared by 100 hours.
  • Student is not taking at least one major class at Junior/Senior status.
  • LEAVE - Plans changed - marriage, children, military, family needs, missions, co-op/internship, medical illness.

All of these situations can be an alert that a student needs your help. Using CPORT, you can automatically request them to come and see you or direct them to other support services.