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Wildcat Printing

File Transfer and Order Placement


Filling Out Your Work Order Request 

Please download the Duplicating Work Order Request. You may want to save this form on your computer for convenient use in the future.  

What we need from you on the form...

  • Fill out all the information required in the top portion of the Work Order Request form.
  • Fill out bottom portion of form to the best of your ability.  You may use the "Additional Instructions" portion at the bottom of the order form or attach instruction sheet to explain the specifics of your request.
  • Include a sample when possible. 
  • If your material requires approval from Public Affairs, include a copy of the approving email. (see "A Message From Public Affairs below if you have questions about this.)

Please call Kirsten or Zack at 3685 if you have any questions or need help filling out the Duplicating Work Order Request. 


A Message From Public Affairs

A unified graphic identity is vital to the clear and consistent representation of the CWU brand. The office of Public Affairs  is responsible for maintaining and developing CWU’s visual brand and identity.

CWU’s visual brand and identity is established in part through the appropriate use of the following graphic elements, official university logos, official university colors, recommended typefaces, and high-quality photography.

Consistent and correct use of the university’s marks and logos significantly contributes to maintaining and strengthening the identity and image of CWU. All communications materials printed at the Copy Cat Shop must receive graphics and editorial approval through the office of Public Affairs before sending a job to print.

If your communications materials require approval, please email a proof to public affairs at prior to sending art to the Copy Cat Shop.


How do I know if my materials need to be approved?

Here's an easy way to help you figure this out: Ask  yourself Who is going to see what I am printing? If any of your answer includes the non-university public (parents, prospective students, someone drinking coffee in a cafe or passing by a shop window), then you must go through the approval process. Some examples items needing approval are departmental recruitment materials, posters, flyers, programs and invitations for events, and newsletters and bulletins.

Still not sure if you need approval? When in doubt, check it out by emailing a proof to



There are several ways you can transfer your files for printing. Here are some of your options:

PC Users

1. Put your file in the Duplicating_Jobs Folder on your G:Drive. Make sure to indicate which server you are on when you fill out the work order. (Athena, Themis, Apollo, etc...) If you do not already have one, our clients are encouraged to make a folder for their specific department within the Duplicating_Jobs Folder.

2. Send your file to the Nuvera Black Ink  or 700i Color Printers hold queue if you have those print drivers installed. 

3. Email your file to Please save your file as a PDF or JPG when possible. 

4. Bring your file to the Copy Cat Shop on a disk or jump drive.

Mac Users

1. Email your file to Please save your file as a PDF or JPG when possible.

2. Bring your file to the Copy Cat Shop on a disk or jump drive.



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