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Office Supplies



Office Supply Contract #9205 ...

A new Office Supplies contract has been awarded to Office Depot for desktop delivery of office supplies as part of the Washington "SmartBuying" Partnership. All State Agencies, Higher Education institutions, and Community and Technical Colleges have been encouraged to use this contract for their purchases of office supplies and Toner. With this news comes a change in vendors for ordering office supplies and toner. Office Depot is now the University's preferred provider for the ordering of all office supplies.

Office supplies must be ordered by using the Office Depot Business Division Internet web site: or by walking into an Office Depot retail store with a Purchasing Card. Do not use to order.

Advantages of the Office Depot Program ...

The Office Depot contract will provide University departments with the following:

  • substantial discounts on office supplies, many items at 60% off list prices
  • access to 15,000 office supply items
  • 24-hour on-line ordering capability
  • next business day delivery on most orders
  • contract prices at Office Depot retail stores nationwide using the Purchasing Card

Department Responsibility ...

Department personnel must ensure receipt of goods and follow-up with Office Depot to resolve any discrepancies or to get credit for damaged goods. In order to maintain internal controls, an employee other than the person placing the orders (but in the same department) must verify the receipt of goods from Office Depot. The invoice included with the shipment should be marked "RECEIVED" and signed, then maintained for your records. For audit purposes, the department must retain documentation for all purchases. Receipts must be matched to the Purchasing Card Log and JP Morgan Statement for account reconciliation.

Restrictions on Office Depot Website ...

There will be some products in the Office Depot website that are restricted due to other contractual agreements. Some of these items include Office Equipment, Furniture, Paper and specialty items. Any restricted item will be clearly marked when you browse the Office Depot online catalog.

Order Information and Tracking ...

Order information and tracking by the users will be maintained on the Office Depot site. Activity for the last 18 months will be maintained for easy lookup and reconciliation purposes.

Order Size Incentives ...

Combine your orders whenever possible. State of Washington Contract 09205 considered the cost for transportation and includes incentives to each individual order. The incentives are:

  • additional 1% discount for order size from $251 to $450
  • additional 2% discount for order size from $451 and over
  • Discounts are subtracted from invoices upon submittal of orders that qualify.

How to Return Products to Office Depot ...

The following procedures will help you with returning an item (s) to Office Depot:

Merchandise should be returned within 30 days of the original purchase

To ensure accurate credit and pick-up coordination, please be prepared to provide the following information:

  • Account Number
  • Original Order Number
  • Item Number of Product Being Returned
  • Reason for Return
  • Your Name and How a Customer Service Representative may contact you
  • Items should be in their original packaging.

You must obtain a Return Authorization (RA) number from Office Depot via the website (preferred) or by calling Office Depot Customer Service at 888-777-4044.

Once the department has a RA number and Office Depot sends the corresponding pick-up request, merchandise will be picked up at the same location where the order was delivered.

Office Depot will process your return, and may call you, and then they will process the credit back to your account or exchange the product.

Office Depot- Retail Store Purchases ...

Walk-in purchases can be made at any Office Depot store nationwide as long as a University Purchasing Card is presented. This will insure that the correct discount is applied and that the proper account number is charged. Please be aware of whether your purchase is an authorized item, and not a restricted item per the Purchasing Card handbook. Please call the Purchasing Office at extension 1002 with any questions.

Recycled Products ...

The University is committed to a strong recycling program and the use of recycled products is included in that commitment. Recycled products are listed in the Office Depot catalog with an icon.

FAQs ...

1 . Who will be delivering Office Depot supplies to my department?
Answer : UPS-United Parcel Service personnel will deliver Office Depot orders.

2 . Can anyone in my department order from Office Depot?
Answer: Only personnel authorized via a University Purchasing Card can order?

3 . Do I have to order from Office Depot, or can I also purchase office supplies from other vendors?
Answer: It is required that all departments, regardless of funding source, purchase their office supplies from the Office Depot portal or retail store. If you have an emergency and need your products same day the University Bookstore is your second option.

4 . I do not like what I just purchased from Office Depot, or the item was damaged -- how can I return the item?
Answer: You must initiate a return via the Office Depot portal, or you can call the Office Depot customer service number at 888-777-4044. The best and easiest method will be thru the website. Do not hand over any returns to UPS until you have initiated the return via the Office Depot portal.

5 . I ordered some items at 3pm today; will I get my products tomorrow?
Answer: Yes, the deadline for orders is 5pm via the Office Depot portal to be able to receive your items the next business day.

6 . Some copier paper items are restricted online, what does that mean?
Answer: Copier paper, both virgin and recycled, are to be ordered from Printing & Duplicating.

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