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Reconciling shipment against Purchase Order

The following FMS function is particularly useful to those who have received an order that has no identifying information to tie it to a specific purchase order.


1. From the Menu Box , click on: CWU Custom Functions > Procurement > Find Purchase Order

2. On the Find an Existing Value page for CW Find Purchase Order , enter “CWUID” into the Search By: Business Unit begins with field if this does not default in.

3. Click the button

4. If Search Results appear, click on the link for CWUID .

5. On the CW Find Purchase Order page, click the magnifying glass to the right of the Vendor ID field.

6. On the Look Up Vendor ID page, choose “Short Vendor Name” from the Search by: field's dropdown list.

7. Enter the first few letters (or more) of the vendor name to the right of begins with . Note: The more letters you enter, the shorter the Search Results list will likely be.

8. Click the button.

9. Click on the link for the vendor of your choice in the Short Vendor Name column of the Search Results .

10. You will be returned to the CW Find Purchase Order page, and the vendor's ID number will populate the Vendor ID field.

11. In the Find All Purchase Orders With Line Descriptions Containing field, enter a keyword (or more) from the description included in the invoice. Note: This field is case sensitive.

12. Click the button. Doing so will bring up all POs from the vendor you chose that contain the text you entered as your keyword(s).

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