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Contracts, Purchasing & Surplus Inventory

Checking If Orders Have Been Received

1. Log into FMS production. From the Menu Box , click on:
Purchasing > Purchase Orders > Review PO Information > Activity Summary

2. On the PO Activity Summary page, the Business Unit should default in as "CWUID." If it does not, type "CWUID" into the Business Unit field.

3. Key the purchase order ID number into the PO Number field. If you do not know the PO Number , follow the directions in section 1.0 above to locate it.

4. Click the   button.

5. When the Activity Summary page opens, click on the |Receipt| tab.

6. Doing so will reveal information about the quantity received ( Qty Received ), the quantity accepted ( Qty Accepted ), and the Open Quantity .

7. To get further details about the receipt of the goods/services, click the Receipt  button.

8. The Receipt page that appears indicates the Status of the order (In this case, the order has been "Received").
Received" usually means that the order has been received at Central Receiving.

9. Click on the Go Back To Activity Summary link to return to the Activity Summary page.

10. To inquire about the receipt of another order, click the  button to enter a new PO Number . To locate another PO ID number, follow the directions in section 1.0 of this document.

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