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Contracts, Purchasing & Surplus Inventory

Purchasing Thresholds and Lead Times

  • Please respect the lead times required to process your work.
  • Provide as much detail about your purchase as possible. (Specifications, brochure or catalog pages, vendor name, contact person, phone, email and fax numbers).
  • Speak to us early if you want your bid to be evaluated on criteria other than price.
Purchase TypeAmountCompetition RequiredLead Time to Order After Receipt of Request by Purchasing
GoodsLess than $10,000Competitive process may be used at the discretion of Purchasing.Up to 5 days 
Goods$10,000-$100,000A record of competition is required.1-4 weeks depending on complexity of award criteria.
GoodsOver $100,000Formal advertising and sealed bids are required.4-5 weeks
Personal Services $5,000-$19,999 for entire year.Requires approval by OFM at least 10 days prior to work commencing if from a sole source provider. OFM approval not required if evidence of competition exists.15 days and OFM approval if sole source. 3-5 days with competition.
Personal ServicesOver $20,000 for entire year.Requires OFM approval at least 10 days prior to work commencing regardless of competition.15 days and OFM approval.
Public WorksLess than $25,000Detailed plans and specifications are not required to be published. Advertising is not required. Solicitation can be quotations. Work is still subject to all Public Works requirements including prevailing wage.Facilities Management Responsibility.
Public WorksLess than $200,000 Eligible for Small Works program.Facilities Management Responsibility
Information TechnologyLess than $10,000Use of competitive process at the discretion of Purchasing Dept. Buyer.Depends on complexity
Information Technology$10,000 to $99,999Advertising is optional, at least 3 vendors needed (if available).Depends on complexity
Information Technology$100,000 to $249,999Advertising required, at least 5 vendors needed (when available), requirements must be in writing.Depends on complexity
Information Technology$250,000 and aboveAdvertising required, requirements must be in writing.Depends on complexity


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