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MyCWU Travel System Changes Starting July 19th

Starting July 19, our CWU MyCWU Travel system will have some new features.

1. The requirement to indicate if your travel is international or domestic.

2. The ability to submit non-travel reimbursements expense reports (such as personal petty cash requests).  This new feature will replace the majority of MyCWU Petty Cash e-form requests currently being used. Our goal is to exclusively use the non-travel reimbursement expense report requests by the end of Fall Quarter 2018.

More information on the non-travel reimbursement expense reports.

No longer will you or your designee need to go to the Cashiers Office to pick up your petty cash funds.  The funds will be transferred to the individual’s bank account just like regular travel requests.

Note: The same rules apply for non-travel reimbursements entered through the MyCWU Travel system as petty cash requests. See below.

  • You may request reimbursement only for those goods and/or services that were paid using PERSONAL funds. If a CWU purchasing tool (such as requisition/purchase order, procard) was used to make the purchase, you may NOT request reimbursement.
  • You are responsible for abiding by all state and University procurement regulations.

To be reimbursed for anything OTHER THAN TRAVEL expenses, you must follow the below guidelines.

Non-Foundation funded Non-Travel Reimbursement Expense Reports that are considered petty cash payments through the MyCWU Travel system are authorized for the following:

(A) Most minor purchases of supplies and materials for CWU business.
(B) Meals and light refreshments at authorized CWU-sponsored events when prior approval is obtained and attached to Expense Report (ER).  A memorandum of approval must be signed by an Appointing Authority in advance of the event and must include the speedkey, amount to be spent, the purpose of the event, and the estimated number of people attending the event. (See CWUP 2-40-200 State Funds for Entertainments, Public Relations, University Promotion and Recruitment).  This expenditure may or may not be allowed with externally-sponsored grants or contracts (fund 145 or 146).
(C) Postage due on state mail.
(D) Parking fees if the purchaser was not in travel status. (i.e. meeting across town)
(E) Fuel purchases if the purchaser was not in travel status. (i.e. lawn mower or chain saw)
(F) Rail, air, and bus express charges when carriers demand payment at time of delivery
(G) Salary and wages when a signed Payroll Petty Cash Payment form is presented. (Payroll Office only) (In this circumstance only, the $200 limit may be exceeded).  This expenditure is not allowed with externally-sponsored grants or contracts (fund 145 or 146).
(H) Computer Accessories up to $200 that meet the requirements for: (Computer Items approved for purchase using the purchasing card). Reference the Purchasing Card Handbook on the Purchasing Website.
(I) Subscriptions (i.e. magazines, newspapers, periodicals)
(J) Dues and memberships


  • Non-Travel Reimbursement Expense Report may be used for CWU Foundation accounts following Foundation policies. Please contact CWU Foundation at ext. 2760 if you have any questions.
  • A user guide will be posted to the Travel and Accounts Payable website.  If you have any questions, contact

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