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Contracts, Purchasing & Surplus Inventory

On-line Surplus Auctions

Certain surplus property is now sold utilizing Public Surplus, an Internet on-line auction site available to the general public. Please navigate to this website to view items that are currently for sale via an on-line auction.

Individuals interested in purchasing surplus property should periodically check this link for auction bidding opportunities outside of the regularly scheduled on-site public surplus sales in Ellensburg, Washington.

How do I access CWU's on-line surplus auction items?

1. Register Only registered bidders may participate in our online auctions. It´s easy; just visit Public Surplus, LLC at You must first register (no fees and your information is private and secure) and setup your personal account to begin bidding. For assistance and to answering questions on registering you can click on the "Help" link in the upper left hand corner of their page.

2. Start Shopping Once you have logged-in:

  • Type a ´W´ in the ´Select Region´ field
  • Click on the arrow in the ´Select Agency´
    field for the drop down menu
  • Click on ´Central Washington University´











All categories will be displayed. For current offerings, a number will appear to the right of the subcategory. This represents the number of auctions of that type.

Select the auction of interest. Each auction has Terms & Conditions so you must read them before you bid. When you bid, you are agreeing to the all the terms & conditions for the auction.


If you are a Central faculty, staff member or another state agency, and acquiring items for your work office or department for official business use, let Asset Management & Surplus Property know, so that they can add your contact information for internal redistribution of surplus items (509–963–2157).

Central Washington University and other State of Washington employees are permitted to bid on and purchase surplus property via this on-line auction for personal use, but they must use a personally-owned computer on personal time.

Asset Management and Surplus Property Contacts

Dave Moffatt and Jason Bakeman can be reached at (509)963–2157 to answer your questions.





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