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Contracts, Purchasing & Surplus Inventory

How to Track your Order

To Inquire on a Purchase Requisition

The Purchasing Department maintains an Excel spreadsheet, updated daily, of all the requisitions it receives on its web site. Follow the Requisition Log link on the left menu to view the status of your requisition. It will bring up the following spreadsheet:.


Search Instructions

To search for the status of a requisition using this spreadsheet, click on the down arrow associated with your requisition number in column A. Select your requisition number from the drop down list to bring up further information:

  • The date the requisition was first received in the Purchasing Office
  • The PO number if assigned
  • The Purchasing department Buyer working on the requisition
  • The vendor on the requisition or PO
  • Any comments associated with the requisition
  • Any routing after the requisition was received in the Purchasing Office


If the requisition number is not on the drop-down list, click on "Custom" and the search box below will appear. Enter the requisition number for which you wish to search and click OK.


If your requisition has been logged, it will appear on the first row in the list. See below.

If the requisition does not appear in this list, the Purchasing Office has not yet received and logged it. If you feel that the requisition should be logged, please call the Purchasing Office at extension 1002 for further directions. If the requisition has been logged, and there is a PO number assigned to it, you can inquire about the status of the order in PeopleSoft using the Purchase Order number.


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