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Employment & Promotional Advertising

Employment Advertising

Preparation and Approval of Copy:

The hiring department drafts the employment advertisement and submits it to the appropriate office for approval prior to placement.

Advertisements for all positions are approved by Joy Corbett. Please see the HR website for further information regarding hiring procedures.

Publication Process:

The hiring department decides which publication(s) to use for an employment advertisement, places the ad(s), and is responsible for all advertising costs.

CWU contracts with Graystone Group Advertising to provide a more convenient and cost-effective way to place employment ads. The hiring department provides Graystone Group with ad copy and a list of the publications they wish to use. Graystone provides ad copy and a quote for approval. Because of the number of ads they place, Graystone's prices are usually better than what publications offer CWU directly. Get quotes by emailing

If Graystone is not used, the hiring department acquires quotations from the chosen publication and places the ads. Be sensitive to the submission deadline shown for each publication below so the ad will run on the desired publication date.

Obtain Quotation:

The hiring department completes the Request for Advertising Quotation Form (MS Word Format) to acquire a quote for the proposed ad. The list below shows the phone and fax numbers of the most commonly-used publications.

Place the Ad:

The hiring department faxes the completed Employment Advertising Submittal Form (MS Word Format), along with the advertisement, to the publication. The department will use the purchasing card if the cost is within departmental per-transaction limit. If the cost is over the purchasing card limit, follow regular requisition procedures. Allow a minimum of three days for processing.

Please select your account code for the invoice or requisition from the following --

53526 - Employment Search - Advertising & Miscellaneous: use for all non-travel costs associated with employment searches. Includes all advertising charges and non-travel, miscellaneous expenses such as duplicating and mailing costs associated with employment searches.

53870 - Employment Search - Interview Expenses: use for all expenses associated with travel and interviewing, including air fare, mileage reimbursement, lodging, telephone charges, per diem travel costs, and other miscellaneous costs associated with interviewing prospective employees.

Advertising Venues:

The following is a list of publications for which you may use your department purchasing card to pay for the advertisement. If the publication with which you desire to advertise is not listed below, and/or the amount is over your purchasing card per-transaction limit, follow regular requisition procedures. Allow a minimum of three days for processing.


Graystone Group AdvertisingBridgeport, CT
Use deadlines listed below for individual publications. No extra time is needed by Graystone.800-544-0005 
Chronicle of Higher EducationWashington, DC
2 weeks before issue date202-466-1056202-296-2691
Daily RecordEllensburg, WABy 10:30am day prior to run date.
Friday @ 5pm for Monday.
Northern Kittitas County TribuneCle Elum, WANoon on Tuesday.
Publishes on Thursday.
Seattle Times/PISeattle, WA
email Heather Van Houten at
10am Fri. for Sun. 11am prior day for weekday.
On line ads placed at:
Wenatchee WorldWenatchee, WA
Line ad: 10am day before run day. Th for Sun (distributed on Sat). Display ad: 3 days prior to run date.800-572-4433, Ext. 284509-662-5413
Yakima Herald RepublicYakima, WA5pm date before, Tues - Friday. 4pm Fri for Sat. 5pm Fri for Sun and Monday.800-343-2799509-577-7766


Promotional Advertising

All marketing items including radio, newspaper and television advertising, and imprints on t-shirts or other promotional items must be approved by the Public Affairs department.

Please visit the Public Affairs webpage for information about graphics standards and procedures.

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