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Conference Program

Successful Meeting Planning

Three Steps to Successful Meeting Planning

When considering planning a meeting or conference for your organization, remember the three R's of conference planning:

The Right Location
The Right Services
The Right Price

The Conference Program is located in the geographic center of Washington State . Our planners are professionals in the collegiate conference planning business. The all-inclusive package price makes your budget planning simple and straightforward.

1. Preliminary:

___Select two or three dates for the conference,

___Confirm these dates with the featured speaker(s),

___ Identify your target audience,

___Estimate the number of people,

___Consider the number of meeting rooms needed,

___Estimate the number of nights for lodging,

___Anticipate the beginning and ending meals

___Establish an estimated budget

2. Contact The Conference Program @ Central Washington University

Make your commitment for conference facilities as early as possible.
Early reservations assure you the best possible rates, facilities and services.
Share information with us - last year's program, budget, and facilities, etc.
Our planner is committed to serve you, and to make you worry free in the areas of meals, lodging, and meeting needs.

___General office phone # 509-963-1141 or 800-752-4379,

___ Direct line 509-963-1153 (Rachel Crimp)

___FAX 509-963-1285

___E-mail specifications to

3. Confirmation with The Conference Program

___Mail signed Letter of Agreement (make a copy for your file)

___Mail tentative (or last year's) agenda to CWU

___Return meeting room(s) set up chart to CWU

___Mail participants list

___Confirm guaranteed numbers with the Conference Program

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