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Computer Science

College of the Sciences

Undergraduate Programs

The Computer Science Department seeks to educate graduates that will be both productive and creative in modern business and industry environments. Studies range from theory through experimental techniques to engineering methodology. This program exposes students to aspects of each of these disciplines and fosters an appreciation and understanding of each. Research, laboratory, and on-the-job experiences complement student classroom studies.

The field of computer science can trace its foundation to both mathematics and engineering methodology with the emphasis on practical experience. Using this philosophy, the Computer Science Department has designed a unique curricular model that seeks to provide an increased relevance to the real world. The Senior Project - capstone course - expands upon the experimental and design approach by introducing student to the creativity and productivity concerns required for business and industrial development.

The Department of Computer Science offers a degree program leading to a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. The Department also offers a Computer Science Minor.

The Department is located in the Hebeler Hall that houses its state-of-the-art computing facilities. The Computer Science faculty have compiled an outstanding record as scholars and instructors. Students should note that the faculty teach all courses. Students are offered wide access to computer science programs and courses. Specialties in areas such as software engineering, information systems, computer systems, scientific computing and artificial intelligence are available.

We teach a variety of courses throughout the year, with some courses taught only during specific quarters. Other courses are taught each term. The general plan of courses taught is contained in the following excel and docx files:

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