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Computer Science

Transfer Students

Planning to Attend Central


The Computer Science Department can work with students having all levels of preparation.  With appropriate preparation, students can (and have) completed the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science within two years. For more information about our degree programs, please follow this link.

In an effort to minimize your time-to-degree at Central, we make the following recommendations for transfer students.

  • Two quarters of introduction to programming in Java (CS 110 & 111 at Central).
  • One quarter of single-variable calculus (Math 172 at Central).
  • Work on General Education (a Direct Transfer Agreement degree if possible).

Also recommended

  • A course in data structures (CS 301 at Central).
  • A second quarter of single-variable calculus (Math 173 at Central)

Students entering with the above courses normally graduate within two years.  If you do not have the above courses transfer to the Computer Science program is still possible. Interested in a sample schedule?  Contact the Computer Science Department Office, 509-963-1495 .  

Transfer Equivalency Policies

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