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Computer Science

Graduate Research and Projects

A requirement of Central Washington University's Computational Science Masters program is that each student complete a rigorous, independent project or a thesis. 


Student Final Projects and Theses


Dmytro Dovhalet, Graduated Winter 2018, Data Visualization and Classification of Artificially Created Images, Committee Chair: Razvan Andonie

Sadia Afroze, Graduated Winter 2018, Job Matching Software for Recruitment System, Committee Chair: Razvan Andonie

Jacob Brown, Visualizing Multidimensional Data with General Line Coordinates and Pareto Optimization, Committee Chair: Boris Kovalerchuk

Dipayan Banik, Graduated Fall 2017, User Authentication using Doodle Recognition for Smartphone Application, Committee Chair: Szilárd Vajda

Yishui Liu, Graduated Fall 2017, Traffic Sign Recognition, Committee Chair: Szilárd Vajda

Syeda Sadiya, Graduated Fall 2017, Visual Data Mining, Committee Chair: Boris Kovalerchuk

Andrew Smigaj, Graduated Fall 2017, Visualizing Incongruity: Visual Data Mining Strategies for Modeling Humor in Text, Committee Chair: Boris Kovalerchuk

Gabriel Ratener, Graduated Winter 2017, Bizubee - The World's Most Intense Programming Language, Committee Chair: Razvan Andonie

Sanjita Timilsina, Graduated Winter 2017, Time Series Analysis, Committee Chair: Razvan Andonie

Abdul Anwar, Graduated Fall 2016, Lossless Multidimensional Data Visualization, Committee Chair: Boris Kovalerchuk

Joseph Lemley, Graduated Spring 2016, Applications of Computational Geometry and Computer Vision, Committee Chair: Razvan Andonie

James Tunnell, Graduated Spring 2015, Modeling Software Projects as Discrete Dynamical Systems, to Develop A Model for Software Defect Production, Committee Chair: John Anvik

James Smigaj, Graduated Summer 2014, Improving The Capacity and Accuracy of A PDF Modeling Software Application, Committee Chairs: John Anvik and Yvonne Chueh

Kurt Boberg, Graduated Spring 2014, Directed Graph Cryptosystems, Committee Chair: Dominic Klyve

Emaad Shah, Graduated Spring 2014, Detecting Fraudulent Advertisements Using Neural Networks, Committee Chair: John Anvik

Garret Bolton, Graduated Winter 2014, Computing Mountain Passes Using Mathematica, Committee Chair: Filip Jagodzinski

Kathy Moore, Graduated Summer 2013, Messier Marathon Scheduler, Committee Chair: Filip Jagodzinski

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