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Computer Science

Computer Science -- Minor

Computer Science Minor

The information below can be used to see the prerequisites for the core courses in the Computer Science minor. It is subject to change and cannot replace the academic planning available through an advisor in the Computer Science Department.

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CS CoursesPrerequisites
CS110 - Programming Fundamentals I 
CS111 - Programming Fundamentals IICS110, MATH153
CS301 - Data StructuresCS111, MATH154
CS311 - Computer Architecture ICS110
MATH130 - Finite MathematicsMATH100B, or 500+ on SAT, or 19+ on ACT
MATH153 - Pre-Calculus IMATH100C or 66+ on the Compass Algebra Test
MATH154 - Pre-Calculus IIMATH153 or 46+ on the Compass College Algebra Test
MATH172 - Calculus IMATH154 or 46+ on the Compass Trigonometry Test
MATH260 - Sets and LogicMATH173, or Math172 and CS301


The Computer Science Minor course catalog can be viewed here.



Applied Computer Science Minor

This minor is designed for students who wish to integrate a computer science component into their curriculum. This minor is appropriate for any student who wishes to include an enhanced technical computer science background as part of their overall curriculum.

The Applied Computer Science Minor course catalog can be viewed here.

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