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Observer Wins Advertising Award

Student Media Business Adviser Kristin Gaskill along with 4 Observer staff members recently returned from the yearly College Newspaper Business and Advertising Management conference in Austin, TX over spring break.  The 4 staff members sold advertising and met their goals to earn the funds which financed their portions of the trip. The students who attended were:

**Jessie Fisher, a senior, who is currently our student ad manager for The Observer, and who interviewed with several large firms at the conference, and was offered a job which she turned down due to its location.

**Daniel Soltero, a junior, who is one of my top ad sales reps for the Observer, and with the exception of one quarter during which he will be studying abroad, will return to help sell & train new sales reps next year.

**Taylor Simental, a sophomore, who has been our Ad Coordinator for Pulse, and who will add the duties of Ad Management for Observer and event planning/coordination to her position next year. (Watch for a housing fair!)

**Nina Black, who is a phenomenal freshman this year, participates in CWU's ROTC program, and has plans to maintain her position in advertising sales throughout the rest of her college career here at CWU.

We also won an award! We were competing against more than 50 schools, some of them quite well funded and much larger than our own! Kristin learned that she was in competition against schools who employ full time professional designers for their advertising production. This was pretty gratifying for her, because so often the Observer has last minute ads come in and their designer is in class and unable to build the last minute ad, so Kristin throws it together to make sure we can get the revenue for the week--but this is just a tiny portion of her responsibilities for CWU student media, which makes this so much more meaningful to her. Graphic design has always been of interest to Kristin as a hobby, and it's very rewarding to have this honor for an ad she built.  The Observer's particular award was for:

Best Professionally Designed Display Ad

4th place) Central Washington Observer, Central Washington University.


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