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CWU's Pulse Magazine

Pulse Magazine is live now. The Pulse staff wants to let you know about all of the multimedia content that is awaiting you in this months issue. There is a little something for everyone. Whether you want ideas for your Valentines date night or you really need more zombies in your life. Learn about how to be healthy in the college world, and the real story behind rave culture. Pulse is covering college life from top to bottom and everywhere in between. So, come check it out, share your thoughts, and show it to all your friends.
If you want to contribute to Pulse or want to give us your comments send us an email at You can find us on Facebook, we want you to like us! Also follow Pulse on twitter for some extra updates @cwupulse, and check out pictures and other exclusive content for all of your favorite stories straight from the writers on Pinterest "cwupulsemagazine" and Instagram @cwupulse. Pulse is going social, join the conversation.


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