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What is Communication?

Communication is a social science discipline that focuses upon how, why, and with what effects people use language and media to convey information. It is among the oldest and the newest fields of study, with historical roots going back to the Greeks and Romans, and other ancient cultures, and with modern roots grounded in the latest developments in science and technology. It provides academic preparation for employment in journalism, the media, business and industry, government, education, and social and community service, as well as for advanced work in communication or such fields as law, film, or the ministry.

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Communication Department Clubs and Publications 


CWU's student led weekly newspaper keeps CWU aware of current events, issues and media relevent to student life. Read the current issue here.


Pulse, our student led online magazine, features local news, events and topics of interest for students and community members alike. 


More information about student clubs and activities can be found on the "Student Media" and "Student Organizations" pages.