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CWU Commencement


Kent Commencement - Faculty Instructions

Arrival:   Kent Commencement is Sunday, June 9, 2013.  Participants should arrive at ShoWare Center no later than 12:00 p.m.  Faculty should enter ShoWare through the receiving area (see Map #1 ). Faculty members are asked to assemble for robing at 12:00 p.m. in the designated locker room (see Map #2). 

The ceremony begins at 1:00 p.m. sharp. If you are traveling from Ellensburg to ShoWare Center, please allow an extra 2 hours to accommodate for traffic delays. In keeping with the traditions of this ceremony, we request all participants dress in commencement regalia.


At 12:30 p.m. Faculty will be directed to move into the hallway and lined-up according to years of employment by Central Washington University.


Two members of the Silver Cortege will escort you to your row as you advance through the processional. Faculty will occupy the front rows on both sides of the arena.  Space has been added between the rows so faculty can easily get in and out to hood or congratulate their students.  Even though you may be hooding, it is possible that you may not be seated next to the faculty member that you are partnered with to do the hooding. Seating is outlined in your information packet but it is subject to change depending on faculty participation.  Faculty will be seated according to how many years they have been employed by CWU. Even though you may be hooding, you may not be seated next to the faculty member that you are partnered with to do the hooding. Faculty will be seated in the front rows in front of the stage. The members of the Silver Cortege will guide you to your seating location when you arrive. Master's candidates will be seated directly behind you.


Faculty assisting with the hooding of master's candidates should proceed to the side stairs (on the same side you are seated), to meet your candidates as they come up to the stage.  We will be hooding on both sides of the stage.

  • Proceed to the side stage to meet your master's candidate (s).  Two faculty members will be hooding each master student.  Once you have met your candidates, precede them onto the stage, and wait at the top of the stairs.  Once their name is called they should walk up the stairs to be hooded.
  • Turn and hood the candidates; one faculty member will place the hood over the student’s head from the front; the other person straightens the back of the hood behind the candidate.  The master's recipient will then go to center stage to receive his or her diploma. If you are joining another faculty already in the hooding process, please wait until they have completed the prior student’s hooding process before you join them.  When your student(s) are hooded exit center stage, and return to your seat.

Deans' Presentations: The deans from each college will ask the faculty and students in their college to stand during their brief presentation.


The recessional is in reverse order. The faculty marshal and the Presidential Platform arty will exit down the center aisle then around the back of the last row of students and return to the locker room.  PLEASE DO NOT FOLLOW THE PRESIDENTIAL PLATFORM PARTY.  The Silver Cortege will direct faculty in the first row to walk down the center aisle followed by the second row, etc., and towards the main arena doors to form a congratulatory line. (PLEASE wait for a Silver Cortege member to direct your row.)  The Silver Cortege will then direct the master's recipients to go through the congratulatory line starting with the front row and then the Honors students.  Bachelor's recipients will be directed beginning with the last row and moving to the front row.  The Silver Cortege will lead the graduates out of the arena to avoid congestion.  Once the last graduate has gone through the congratulatory line, you may return to the locker room to collect any personal items.


If you cannot attend, please notify Laurie Clark at 963-1974 or right away as it will change the processional and seating arrangements.  If you know of someone who plans to attend but is not listed, please have them contact Laurie no later than June 3, when seats will be pre-assigned.