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CWU Commencement

Ellensburg Ceremony 1

Saturday, June 8, 2013
Marching Line-up: SURC at 8:00 a.m.
Ceremony: Tomlinson Stadium at 9:30 a.m.

8:00 AM     Graduates arrive at the SURC no later than 8:00 am

8:30 AM     Begin Processional Line-up

9:30 AM     Processional of Faculty and Students enter stadium

9:30 AM     Commencement Ceremony

11:45 AM   Recessional of Faculty and Graduates exit stadium

Students participating in Commencement Ceremony One need to arrive at the SURC no later than 8:00 a.m. on Saturday, June 8th. All graduates are to check-in at the designated Information Table located on the first level. Family and friends should proceed to Tomlinson Stadium located on N. Walnut Street. Marching line-up will begin at 9:30 a.m.

Cap, Tassel, Gown, Sash. Master students - please do not forget your hoods!

The instructions contain details pertaining to the ceremony as well as answers to Frequently Asked Questions.
Please review all information and make certain you understand the process. Download Instructions


UNDERGRADUATES must wear a new crimson cap, gown, tassel and sash. MASTER'S gowns are black. Make sure you have your hood prior to the processional.

The tassel is worn over the RIGHT eye through- out the ceremony. Tassels will be moved over the LEFT eye when the ASCWU President indicates confirmation of degrees. You will receive your tassel with your cap and gown. Women may leave caps on during the entire  program. Men please remove  caps  during the National Anthem. Undergraduate candidates who are graduating with honors may pick up their honors tassel from the Registrar Services office as they may not be available at commencement.

Arrivals and parking: 

Graduates should arrive at the Student Union & Recreation Center (SURC) no later than 8:00 a.m. and check in at the designated Information Table located on the first level.

Family and friends  enter Tomlinson Stadium through the main gates located on N. Walnut Street. Parking is on a first-come basis and in specified lots. Parking personnel and signs will be posted to assist you. Reminder: NO PETS, LAWN CHAIRS or COOLERS will be allowed inside Tomlinson Stadium.

Students are to check in at the designated Information Table upon  arrival and pick up name/row card and marching line-up information as well as receive any last minute instructions . 

Summer 2013 commencement participants do not qualify for 2012-2013 honors. Honors are based on the GPA of all credits earned at CWU, as well  as  all  transfer  credits  accepted by CWU. This calcula-tion is based on Winter 2013 grades. Master’s and post- baccalaureate students are not eligible for honors.

Name cards will be given to each graduate at the designated information table. Graduate name cards will have your name and your area of study (for ex- ample, “John Doe, Counseling Psychology”). If your name is difficult to pronounce, you may be asked to write it phonetically on the card.
You must bring your name card with you to the Staging (Marching Line-up) location and carry it into the ceremony.

S TA G I N G ( M a r c h i n g  L i n e-u p ) -  8:30 AM

P R O C E S S I O N A L - 9:00 AM

Bring your cap, tassel, gown, and sash.   All graduates enter the SURC and check in at the designated information table. CWU Staff will position you for the processional into Tomlinson Stadium. You'll be given a colored card to carry— please show it to the Silver Cortege seating you. The card keeps the rows the same length to ensure enough chairs for each row. If you wish to sit by a friend, make certain you are standing together when the row counts are being determined and assigned. Unless you receive prior approval from the staff person positioning you, PLEASE DO NOT trade places or get out of line once you have been counted! 

The processional lines will be organized by college and begin in the Holmes Dining Room. You will be counted when you enter the dining area and CWU staff will direct you to the correct location to line-up. Once you have been assigned a position, please do not leave the area until the processional.

The processional lines will begin near the Central Market Place / Dining Seating on the first level of the SURC. CWU staff will position you for the processional into the stadium. Once you have been assigned a place in line, it is important you remain in order to avoid any confusion.

Members of the Silver Cortege are juniors selected based on their high academic standing and wear silver colored caps and gowns. Members of the Silver Cortege will provide you with directions throughout the ceremony. The processional lines will begin moving toward Tomlinson Stadium in the following order:

  • Faculty Marshal (carrying University Mace)
  • Faculty in two lines
  • Master’s candidates in two lines
  • Undergraduates in two lines
  • Alumni Association Board of Directors
  • The Presidential Platform Party in two lines 

During the processional please stay in your line and watch the front of your line. The Silver Cortege may pause and hold your line at different locations for spacing and timing with other lines. Do not move into the seats until you are directed by the Silver Cortege.

The Faculty Marshal, faculty, and master’s candidates will march up the center aisle. Silver Cortege members will seat the Master’s candidates behind the faculty. When the undergraduates are near the back row, the Silver Cortege will split the two undergraduate lines into four for quicker seating. Two lines will march up the side aisles and two lines will march up the center aisle. Chair rows will be filled from the front to the back. The Silver Cortege will direct you to the appropriate row when it is your turn to be seated.

When you are directed to a row of chairs,  continue to the furthest open chair in that row and sit without leaving any empty chairs. The Silver Cortege will be counting seats and students and they will direct you to the next appropriate row when one has been filled.

O R D E R  o f  C E R E M O N Y


Faculty  Marshal  (carrying  University  Mace) leads the procession.
National Anthem (men please remove caps!)
Welcome and Introductions by President Gaudino
Greetings from the Board of Trustees
CWU Student Speaker

  • UNDERGRADUATES - Deans of each college will ask faculty rise and then say, “Will the candidates  in  [their  college]   College please rise.” Undergraduates: please rise when your college’s dean requests you to. If you are uncertain which   college you are in visit: Click on Majors  and  Minors on the left side menu. Then click on Departments and Programs.
  • Commencement Address

The Dean of Graduate Studies will say “Will the candidates for masters’ degrees please rise.” (Graduates: rise, but remain in front of your seat.) The Dean of Graduate Studies will say, “Will the candidates please come forward to be hooded and receive their diploma.” You will receive your diploma cover during the ceremony. It will NOT have your diploma inside.
Diplomas will be mailed after grades have been checked in approximately 10-12 weeks.


Remain seated until directed to rise by the Silver Cortege. All groups exit through the center aisle.  The order of the recessional is:

  • Faculty Marshal (carrying University Mace)
  • Presidential Platform Party
  • Alumni Board of Directors
  • Faculty
  • Master Graduates - The Silver Cortege will signal the first row of Master Graduates followed by the second row. All graduates will exit through the center aisle.
  • Undergraduates - The Silver Cortege will direct undergraduates to rise and exit through the center aisle beginning with the last row. The undergraduates will walk out in pairs (similar to entering) one from the right and one from the left.

Faculty will form a congratulatory line for graduates to walk through.

It is IMPORTANT to follow the silver cortege out of Tomlinson Stadium and to the front of Nicholson Pavilion. Lines need to keep moving until all students are outside the stadium to prevent a tremendous backup.

P  H  O  T  O  G  R  A  P  H  E  R 
A professional photographer will take individual graduation photos during the ceremony in two loca tions. before you proceed onto the stage and as you receive your diploma on the center of the stage.The photographer will be handing out a form before the ceremony. Please complete the form prior to walking up and receiving your diploma.You will receive proofs and information directly from the photographer shortly following commencement. You may contact Image Studios at 1-800-505- 5594 or www.imagegrad. com, if you have questions.