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Climbing Wall


Logan Scully

Logan ScullyPosition: Climbing Program Supervisor

Year/Major: Senior / Philosophy

Background: I am a local to Ellensburg and have been climbing for about seven years. I got into it while I was working as a wild land firefighter with a friend, Micah. He was going out to vantage and I decided to tag along. I was immediately addicted, Vantage became my dojo and I spent countless days exploring and climbing there, later I traveled to different crags and tried out different forms of climbing. I love all aspects of climbing from long alpine climbs to a short day out at the crag. When I started school at central I was super stoked to be able to train at the rock wall and soon discovered the Central climbing community is full of welcoming people and amazing climbers. Come stop by the wall, it’s a great form of exercise as well as the most entertaining thing you can do.


Jesse Pieters

Position: Climbing Wall Instructor

Major: Geology with a minor in graphic design

Background: I have lived in Ellensburg my entire life, living here is one of the reasons I love being outdoors so much. I absolutely love everything living. I find that with heart instinct and a little wizardry you can do anything. I also love making new friends so don't be scared to say hello :D


Jaime Schultz

Position: Climbing Wall Instructor

Major: Music Education

Background: I got into climbing a few years ago when I first got to CWU to pursue a music education degree. I love playing my saxophone, but there was something about climbing those big walls in the sunshine that I instantly fell in love with.  I started spending every chance I got climbing and couldn't imagine life any other way. This new found love for outdoor adventure allowed me to find my passion for whitewater. A year ago I  became a certified whitewater rafting guide with Wildwater River Guides and also started whitewater kayaking. I feel lucky to call myself am outdoor enthusiast and have met an unbelievable amount of amazing people along the way!