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Climbing Wall

Climbing Wall Staff

Aubrey Edwards

Major: Aviation

Favorite place to climb: Leavenworth

Background: I moved to Washington for college after growing up in the same small town for 19 years. I have fallen in love with Washington and all of its outdoor activities: climbing, hiking/backpacking, and plan to begin mountaineering this summer and ice climbing next year! This is my first experience working for recreation, and I have worked at the Challenge Course as a facilitator, and the Climbing Wall as an instructor and head setter since March 2017.

Picture of Aubrey Edwards

Anne Baker

Major: Film Production

Favorite place to climb: Mt Erie

Background: I first got into rock climbing in my freshman year and enjoyed it so much that I kept trying to learn as much as I could about the sport. I have become PCIA certified and am expanding my skills to having fun climbing outside while being safe. I have had the wonderful opportunity to combine film with climbing and have improved my photography and filmmaking skills through capturing the sport of climbing.

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Angus Brooks

Major: Environmental Science

Background: I have been climbing for four years, and started working at the climbing wall and challenge course in 2016 after taking some classes with Melissa.

Favorite thing to do in Ellensburg: Think about climbing instead of studying or actually climbing.

Picture of Angus Brooks

Joe Buxton

Position: Climbing Wall Instructor

Major: Physics

Background: My first time rock climbing was when I came here to CWU, I was hooked immediately and got a job here my freshman year. Since then I have worked to improve my skills and to pass on other safe practices while climbing by learning from Melissa.

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Kenon Jeffers

Major: Studio Art

Favorite place to climb: Sunshine Wall

Why I love climbing: I really enjoy the physical and mental challenge. It is physically engaging and makes me need to think through exactly what I'm doing and what I'm capable of. It also makes need to think critically and problem solve. In a way, it is like solving a puzzle. Plus, it's always exciting when I can see myself progressing and getting better.

Picture of Kenon Jeffers

Shay LaPierre

Major: I’m majoring in Film Production, I’m focusing on Cinematography Picture of as well as Minoring in Theater/Lighting Technology.

Favorite place to climb: Nowhere specific. I’m happy as long as I can climb.

Why you love climbing: Oddly enough, I find climbing relaxing, it makes the daily stress disappear for a bit so I can challenge myself mentally and physically on problems that I’ve never done before. I like pushing myself beyond my limits and rock climbing is the best way to do it.

Picture of Shay LaPierre

Chiem Saeteurn

Major: Recreation Tourism Management

Background: I like anything outdoorsy, whether that be rock climbing, skiing, hiking, camping, backpacking, kayaking, cycling, fishing, etc. I am also the starting goalie for the CWU Men's Lacrosse as well as the Treasurer. I like long walks on the beach and enjoy learning about new things so I can spew random facts every now and then.

Favorite Thing to do in Ellensburg: If I am not working, doing school stuff, or at practice I am either hanging out with friends, in the middle of nowhere, or working out.

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