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Department of Chemistry Internal Travel Process

Effective July 1, 2013, all CWU travel approval and reimbursement requests will be submitted online through the Financial Management System (FMS) software. 

The Dean has directed that ALL faculty and staff should submit their own paperwork.

To this end, the chemistry department chair has stipulated the following process for all travel:
1) Verify that a travel authorization is needed (in-state travel no longer requires a TA; it is required for out-of-state or international travel).  If it is needed, the traveler should e-mail the secretary with the following travel details:

o Destination

o Date(s) of trip

o Travel expense details (Airfare?  What airport?  Mileage?  etc)

o Funding source(s) for trip

The secretary will create a TA in the online financial system, then SAVE FOR LATER.

2) An e-mail is then sent to the traveler stating that the TA is ready for the traveler to review and submit for approval.
3) The traveler will then submit the TA online for approval by the chair and appropriate funding authorities.
4) When the traveler returns from the trip, they will provide the secretary with all expense information and original receipts.  The secretary will then go into FMS to create an expense report, following the same procedure as above (entering all expense details; once the report is complete, save for later and e-mail the traveler, etc).

1) User guides with step-by-step navigation pages can be found on CWU’s travel website (easiest way to access is to use the A-Z site index on the main website, select T, find Travel Procedures/Forms, then scroll to the bottom to the section called ONLINE TRAVEL USER GUIDES).  The most useful will be the first one, Create a travel authorization from a blank form, and the fifth, Create an expense report from a Travel Authorization.
2) Also found on the travel website are all of the guidelines and regulations that state employees are required to adhere to.  The dept secretary is always available to answer questions.
3)  FMS software, where the travel documents are located, can be found by accessing MyCWU, then selecting “Travel and Expense Center” from the travel section.  From here travelers can follow the step-by-step user guides to review documents and submit for approval and processing.


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