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Tim Sorey

Professor, Analytical Chemistry and Chemistry Education

Phone: (509) 963-2814 


  • 2005 - PhD Montana State University
  • 1999 - BS Eastern Oregon University
  • 1995 - AA Walla Walla Community College

Research Interests:

The use of analytical instrumentation in chemistry has revolutionized measurement, identification, and evaluation of chemical systems. Today, measurement technology plays an important role in everyday life, ranging from digital thermometry in the kitchen to Global Positioning Systems (GPS) for measuring the distance a family has traveled during summer vacation. As a result, social relevance of measurement technology has increased numerical literacy, also referred to as "numeracy."
Chemical Education research must play an increasingly important role in offering fellow colleagues accurate and precise ways to determine 'good fit' when integrating measurement technology into their educational laboratory programs. To contribute to the field of chemistry, our group is interested in a research program that includes the continuous development, assessment, and dissemination of:
•curricular materials that incorporate measurement technology for student inquiry.
•student learning models and teaching methods that increase student's numeracy in the lab.
•professional development models that establish and sustain communities of practice for K-20 teachers. 


Book Chapter

  • T. Sorey and J. Amend, "A Research-Based Approach to Solving Problems in General Chemistry", invited chapter in Best Practices and Lessons Learned: Highlights from the NSF Collaboratives for Excellence in Teacher Preparation Program and Other Innovative Programs Around the Country, edited by Diane Smith and Elisabeth Swanson - Montana State University, Bozeman, MT. October 2005 (Submitted in January 2005)

Journal Articles

  • E. M. Craig, S. Galbreath, T. Sorey, & D. Ricketson, 2022, “That's How the Kangaroo Bounces: A Biological Case Study to Teach Energy Concepts.” Journal of College Science Teaching, 52(1), 14-21
  • G. Lyman, G., R.A. Sanford, R. A., J.R. Wilcox, J. R., & T.L. Sorey, 2021, “Robotics Retrofit: Filling the Gap in Robotics and Automation Curriculum.” 2021 ASEE Annual Conference.
  •  L. Wright, D. Shaw, K. Gaidos, G. Lyman, and T. Sorey, 2018, “3D Pit Stop Printing.” Science and Children. 55(7), Article 8, pp55-63.
  • Carter, J., Petersen, B. P., Printz, S. A., Sorey, T. L., & Kroll, T. T. (2013). Quantitative Application for SDS-PAGE in a Biochemistry Lab. Journal of Chemical Education, 90, 1255–1256.
  • V. Hunt, T. Sorey, Z. Balandova, and B. Palmquist, 2010, “Juan’s Dilemma: An Electrochemical Twist on the Lemon Battery.” The Science Teacher. 77(7), Article 5, pp52-56.
  • T. Sorey, A. Diaz, and T. Helland, 2010,“Applying Pseudo-First-Order Methodology to Study Ni-PADA Ligand Substitution with Ammonia: A Laboratory Experiment.” 
    The Chemical Educator [Online journal], 15, 281-284.
  • T. Sorey, T. Willard, & B. Kim, 2010, “Make your own Digital Thermometer!” The Science Teacher. 77(3), Article 5, pp55-62.
  • T. Sorey, T. Willard, & D. Sholz, 2010, “An Activity Promoting the Practice of Quantitative Literacy for Pre- and In-Service Teachers of Mathematics and Science.” 
    National Numeracy Network, Numeracy, 3(1), Article 6.
  • I. Quitadamo, M. Kurtz, T. Sorey, B Pratt-Sitaula, & B. Palmquist, 2006, Using e-Portfolio to Assess Pre-Service Teacher Performance. 
    Journal of Washington Science Teachers Association, 46(4).
  • T. Sorey, J. Amend, K. Karr, and S. Furois, "Atomic Spectrum Simulator For General Chemistry", Chem. Educator, 2003, Vol. 8, pg. 336-339.
  • T. Sorey, M. Nishina, and R. Lancaster, "Theoretical Models of Substituent Effect Stabilization of Aluminum Analogues of Carbocations", 
    E.O. Science Journal, Vol. 15, 1998-1999, pg. 14-18.
  • T. Sorey and R. Hermens, "Experimental Conditions for the Synthesis of (NH4)2S2O4", E.O. Science Journal, Vol. 15, 1998-1999, pg. 19-21.
  • M. Nishina, T. Sorey, R. Lancaster, and Y.E. Rhodes, "Theoretical Observations of Aluminum Analogues of Carbocations", 
    E.O. Science Journal, Vol. 15, 1998-1999, pg. 9-13.
  • T.M. Rogers, B. Fritz, and T. Sorey, "A Model for Chloride Marker Testing to Deduce Chemical Dynamics and Ground Water Flow Rates", 
    E.O. Science Journal, Vol. 15, 1998-1999, pg. 61-66.


  • 2018-2019 Academic Year General Chemistry Curriculum Committee (T. Brown, Y. Ge, D. Ricketson, D. Rivera, T. Sorey, and W. Swain)

  • J. Amend, D. Hammond, R. Furstenau, and T. Sorey, "Measurements: The Basic Science, An Introduction to Computer Based Measurements",
    Hayden-McNeil Publishing, Inc., January 2004.

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