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Research is the cornerstone of the graduate program in chemistry. As such, faculty are involved in a variety of fundamental research projects in the chemical sciences, and participate in collaborative efforts with other scientists across campus and around the world.

  • Biochemistry: characterization of ·OH radical production in mitochondria; toxicity of aerosol particles.
  • Chemistry Education: misconceptions in learning science; the use of instrumentation and technology in the chemistry lab.
  • Computational Chemistry: molecular dynamics modeling of enzyme inhibitors; computational studies of unusual or unstable molecules.
  • Environmental Chemistry: characterization of aerosol particles and their role in biogeochemical feedback cycles.
  • Materials Science: synthesis and characterization of fluorescent quantum dot materials.
  • Medicinal Chemistry: synthesis and characterization of therapeutically important enzyme inhibitors.
  • Organic Chemistry: synthesis and characterization of highly reactive intermediates such as carbenes.

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