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Programs Overview


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Undergraduate Program Overview

The Department of Chemistry at CWU is home to a dynamic and dedicated faculty whose common goal is to offer students the best possible education in the chemical sciences. Offering a variety of programs of study, we are large enough to offer students programs tailored to their own unique interests. However, one of our strengths is that we are also small enough to offer
quality instruction with extensive interaction between students and

The Chemistry Department offers a choice of the Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of
Arts degrees to students. These programs provide foundations in descriptive and theoretical chemistry. During the first two years the various curriculum
options emphasize fundamental topics in chemistry, mathematics and physics. After these foundation courses are completed, chemistry majors choose from a variety of advanced courses to fill the major requirements. In addition to the wide variety of course options, the department offers an active undergraduate
research program; we encourage students to become involved in research
activities early in their academic careers to augment the information they
receive in their course work. Students are also encouraged to be a Teaching
Assistant for the Chemistry Department to help them solidify fundamental

Detailed Brochure for CWU Undergraduate Programs

Course Checklists for Chemistry Majors

BS Chemistry

BS Biochemistry

BA Chemistry

BA Biochemistry


Tranfer Students

Recommended courses to take before transferring to CWU Chemistry:

As much math as possible, up to MATH 272.  A full year of general chemistry with laboratories.

Recommended courses to take during your first term at CWU  (assuming you have had the courses listed above):

A math course (depending on previous math courses taken and math placement test), organic chemistry (Chem 361), quantitative analysis with laboratory (Chem 332 and Chem 332lab), and physics with laboratory (Phys 111 and Phys 111lab or Phys 181 and Phys 181lab).

Graduate Program Overview

The Chemistry Master's program provides knowledge, skills and discovery within the chemical sciences. The program prepares candidates for professional employment in chemistry, for teaching at the community college or secondary level, and for graduate studies beyond the M.S. level in chemistry and related fields. Primary focus is on a research project that culminates in a written thesis or project report and an oral defense, supplemented with advanced course work in chemistry or related disciplines. Research is offered in a variety of fields including interdisciplinary work in organic, inorganic, physical, computational, analytical, environmental, biochemistry, and chemistry education.

Online Graduate Program Application

CWU Admissions Office Website

BS/MS Overview

The BS/MS program is an accelerated Masters degree track that allows students to complete one year of post baccalaureate studies and graduate with a Masters Degree in Chemistry within 5 academic years. Students with a Masters degree typically earn higher salaries than respective students with Bachelor's degrees; they also improve their chances of being accepted into Medical, Dental, Pharmacy schools and Ph.D programs. All former students who graduated from CWU with a Chemistry Masters degree are employed.

General BS/MS Timeline:

The program works best if general education and core Chemistry courses are completed by your senior year.

Junior Year: Talk to the Graduate Program Coordinator.   Talk with Graduate Faculty about starting an Undergraduate project that can roll into an MS project.

Senior Year: To obtain both the BS and MS within 5 years, students are strongly encouraged to take graduate courses (up to 15 credits) in their senior year. 

Graduate Year: Complete your remaining graduate courses and the MS project.


Why do a BS/MS?

An employee with a Masters degree typically makes 15-20% more than peers with Bachelors degrees. A student with a Masters degree who wishes to continue their education and go to a professional program (Medical, Dental, Veterinary or Pharmacy School) will enhance their Admission profile and strengthen their chances of acceptance in a competitive process.

Why CWU?

During the last five years, grants and contracts have been awarded to graduate faculty from the National Science Foundation, National Institutes of Health, American Chemical Society Petroleum Research Fund, Research Corporation, National Park Service, Coherent Laser Corporation , and Sensor, LLC amounting to over $4,000,000.

In the past 5 years, graduate students have published (as co-authors with faculty) in 16 peer reviewed publications, and attended over 30 National and International conferences for presentations on their research.

Please contact the Graduate Program Coordinator for further questions.

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