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College of the Sciences

Undergraduate Programs


Chemistry Major, BS  

The bachelor of science major is designed for students who plan a career in chemistry or related fields. The program prepares students for further study in graduate programs, or to enter the workplace directly. The BS degree is certified by the American Chemical Society if the nine department-approved electives come from a designated set of upper-division courses within chemistry. Consult your major advisor about department-approved electives.

A BS is recommended for students who anticipate pursuing a graduate degree in chemistry, health programs (MD, DO, DVM, DDS, Pharm D, etc.) or chemistry careers that might require training in a greater depth of chemistry subdisciplines. See a faculty advisor in the Chemistry Department as soon as possible to develop a course of study and to determine which degree program to pursue.


Chmistry Major, BA

This BA degree program is designed for students preparing to incorporate chemistry into broader careers such as teaching, health sciences (PA, nursing, pre-PT), industry, business, and/or law. It is also the appropriate major for students seeking endorsement in teaching high school chemistry.


BioChemistry Major, BS

This specialization is designed for students who plan a career in biochemistry or a related health science area such as medicine or dentistry. Majors may pursue further graduate studies, a career in biotechnology or a related industry.



The BS/MS program is an accelerated Masters degree track that allows students to complete one year of post baccalaureate studies and graduate with a Masters Degree in Chemistry within 5 academic years


Chemistry Teaching Major

Students completing this major are required to demonstrate proficiency through a program portfolio prior to student teaching. Students who complete this major and receive a passing score on the NES exam for Chemistry will receive a WA State Chemistry Endorsement.



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