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Laboratory Safety Training

The Chemistry department requires safety training for students and all department employees - teaching, research and stockroom assistants, as well as faculty and staff.


Prior to beginning lab, students are required to watch the department safety film. On the first day of lab, students are given a copy of the department's Lab Safety Rules and must sign a statement to indicate that they understand and will abide by these rules. In addition, each week before lab, safety of the upcoming experiment is discussed in the pre-lab lecture.

Department Employees

All paid department employees must attend training given by the campus Environmental Safety and Health department on the campus Chemical Hygiene Plan (CHP - in PDF format). This training is a state requirement per the Laboratory Safety Standard (WAC 296-62-40001-40025). In addition to this training, the law requires that employees read the CHP - a copy is available on the EH&S web page using the above link.

A training session for new employees of the Chemistry department is held the first day of class each quarter, usually at 3:00 pm. This training session is mandatory.The brochure 'Safety Guidelines for Research, Teaching, and Stockroom Assistants' provides an overview of the department training. Student employees must also take the on-line safety quiz.. A summary of department safety training is listed below.

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