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Julie Khyler

Research Lab Manager / Safety Officer

Office: Science 207c 
Voice: (509) 963-1307
Fax: (509) 963-1050

What I do in Chemistry

  • Provide technical assistance to laboratory faculty, supervisors, staff and students regarding laboratory safety, appropriate storage, handling, inventory and disposal of hazardous chemicals and the use of personal protective gear and laboratory safety equipment.
  • Perform safety audits of all Chemistry teaching and research labs.
  • Conduct laboratory safety training for all TAs, RAs, staff and faculty.
  • Manage the Chemical Inventory Management system and research laboratory purchasing.
  • Provide guidance in the development and implementation of the Chemistry Department Laboratory Chemical Hygiene Plan as well as liaison with the university's Environmental Health & Safety Department.

Experience and Education

  • Enologist and Cellar Master
  • Lab manager and Instructor
  • B.S. Biology, with a Chemistry minor at CWU, Ellensburg WA
  • Undergraduate Research in Organic Chemistry, CWU

What I do for fun

  • Drawing and oil painting
  • Dressage riding
  • Gardening
  • Hiking

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