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Change Management Consortium


Ready to Change?

Step 1:  Contact the Change Management Consortium and request a meeting to discuss the change effort you plan to undertake.

Step 2: Fill out the CMC Project Information Sheet prior to the meeting.

CMC Project Information Sheet will provide valuable information that will help guide the meeting with CMC including:

  • Current situation: including challenges, past attempts at changing, the current climate for change, and drivers for change.
  • Vision of future state: including goals, expected outcomes, alignment to strategic priorities, who would be affected and what tools may need to be introduced.
  • Project considerations: including who the sponsor would be, who would be involved in the project team or provide input into the project, the preferred timelines, and scope.

Step 3:  Attend the meeting scheduled with CMC members.

CMC's goal is to support you through each phase of the change management process. By the end of your initial meeting you will have a plan of action, tools and resources to assist you as you move forward with the change initiative.

To learn more about the services we have to offer and how we may assist you, contact

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