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Change Management Consortium

Change Initiatives

Everything we do professionally as well as personally, can be looked at through the lens of Change Management. From large, enterprise wide change initiatives impacting the entire university (students, faculty and staff) to small changes that affect your department, your family or you personally.

Examples of changes that benefit from looking at them through the lens of Change Management include:

  • Introducing or modifying policies, procedures or business practices.
  • Canceling old programs; creating new programs.
  • Upgrading or changing technology (software or hardware).
  • Hiring and bring a new manager, supervisor or staff member into a department.
  • Moving your home, office or business.
  • Changing personal habits, diets, wardrobes or hairstyles.


Past CWU change initiatives supported by CMC:

  • MyCWU Portal (iCAT Project)
  • Goodbye Groupwise, Hello Outlook
  • Time and Attendance (iCAT Project)
  • CatPlan – CWU Planning and Budgeting System (iCAT Project)
  • MyCWU Student Dashboard
  • Central Learning Academy Online Project

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