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Change Management Consortium

Change Management Consortium Members

CMC is a diverse group of faculty and staff members from various areas within CWU. Consortium members promote and support a culture of organizational change and improvement at the University. Each member of the Change Management Consortium is certified in the Change Management process in accordance with Prosci methodologies and tools, and serves as a resource for CWU and the greater community.

CWU faculty and staff interested in becoming a member of the CWU Change Management Consortium are encouraged to contact CMC at

Prosci certified CWU Change Management Consortium members are noted below. 

*Leadership Team members

Ashlie Crawford  *
Administrative Specialist, College of Arts & Humanities (CAH)                        509-963-1845

Andreas Bohman  Associate VP Information Services & Security, Operations Division

Brandy Wiegers, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor Mathematics, College of the Sciences (COTS)

Drue Larson, M.A., C.C.

Eric Cheney, Ph.D.  Chair of Sociology, College of the Sciences (COTS)

Gail Farmer Equal Opportunity & Talent Acquisition Manager, Human Resources

Leah Valverde
Central Learning Academy Manager, Human Resources

Martha Kurtz, Ph.D.  *
Associate Dean, College of the Sciences (COTS)                             509-963-2622

Sathy Rajendran, Ph.D.  Associate Professor/Safety & Health Management Program Coordinator, Engineering Technologies, Safety, and Construction (CEPS)

Tina Short *
Project Manager, Contracts and Procurement - Business & Financial Affairs                              509-963-2910


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