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Change Management Consortium

change managementThe Change Management Consortium (CMC) at Central Washington University (CWU) is committed to building CWU's internal capacity for change efforts that advance the university's mission and ability to serve as a resource to the region. 

We invite you to learn more about change management and CMC at CWU by exploring our web page and contacting us if you have any questions.

When organizations address both the technical and human side of change; and change management is done well by supporting and equipping individuals to be successful in their personal change process; results are delivered and everyone (individuals affected by the change as well as the organization as a whole) benefits.

Who We Are...

CMC is a diverse team of staff and faculty members from various areas within CWU that promote and support a culture of organizational change and improvement. Each member of the Change Management Consortium is certified in the Change Management process in accordance with Prosci methodologies and tools, and serve as a resources for change initiatives at CWU and the greater community.

What We Do...

CMC collaborates with academic and administrative leaders on change efforts that impact the university by providing:

  • Assessment
  • Consultation
  • Resources
  • Education

Understanding the impact of a change early can save organizations resources (time, energy, money), prevent resistance and greatly increase the probability of success.

CMC recommends that leaders within a department or organization utilize change management expertise in the conceptualization stage of any project or change that will have an impact (big or small) on a human being.

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