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Science Phase II Construction Cam

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The Center for Excellence in Science and Mathematics Education (CESME) at Central Washington University is working to do the following

To enhance interdisciplinary work across departments at CWU

To form a P-20 professional learning community

To provide resources to support best practice teaching, learning, and assessment

To consolidate existing campus and community resources to meet CESME goals.

How can I participate?
CESME accepts applications for membership from university faculty, staff, students, and P-12 professionals who demonstrate an interest in science and mathematics education. Apply for CESME MEMBERSHIP.

Equipment is available for checkout to CESME members. To view a list of available curriculum and lab equipment, please click HERE. To check out items email or, or come to Science 107 for assistance.

CESME Faculty Workload Grant Application
The Center for Excellence in Science and Mathematics Education (CESME) will award up to 6 workload units for the 2015-2016 academic year to faculty members who are also members of CESME. 

Scholarship and Internship Opportunities:

The CWU Robert NOYCE SMART Program is a National Science Foundation (NSF) funded program to encourage talented science and mathematics students and professionals to pursue teaching careers. To learn more and apply, click HERE.