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Equipment Checkout Request

Equipment is available for checkout to all CWU Faculty, Staff, and Students, and to CESME members. The full list of available equipment can be found here. If you are not a CESME member, you may apply for membership here.

The equipment checkout process is as follows:

1. Submit an equipment checkout request using the form below or on paper at the CESME office (Science II, room 301). Please give a full description of your request, including each item and, if applicable, which class or program this request is for. Please allow at least two business days for requests to be processed, longer if the request contains chemicals or unique equipment which may not be readily available.

2. You will be contacted by a CESME Equipment Technician when the equipment you have requested is available for pickup. You may then come to the CESME office to pick up the equipment during Equipment Office hours or arrange another time with us. Please note: CESME is only open on weekdays. We cannot accept requests for pickup or return on weekends at this time. This page will be updated if that changes. CESME also closes for all state and federal holidays following CWU's calendar; staff will not be around during those times to process equipment requests.

3. When your request is complete return the equipment to the CESME office. If you return equipment outside of equipment office hours please complete an equipment return form and leave the equipment outside our door.

Questions? Email

Please note: You are responsible for returning any items promptly by the due date and in at least the same condition as they were given to you. Please report any problems or damage that you notice. Failure to return items by the time they are due may result in a fine.

You may use the form below, or come to the CESME equipment office (Science 2, 301B) for assistance.

Please submit equipment requests at least two business days in advance of needing the equipment.

What class or program is this request for?
Please allow two business days for your request to be processed. CESME is only open on weekdays, and closes for all state and federal holidays as observed by CWU.
Please give as much detail as possible and include quantities of each item needed.
Anything we should know about this request?

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